Insufficient performance and ‘absences due to injury’

...are the most serious issues for everyone involved in professional competitive sports.

According to studies, almost a half of the injuries in professional football occur in non-contact situations. It would be safe to say, therefore, that injured elite athletes have simply exceeded their performance capabilities, whereas others remain unharmed.

Based on this concept, Sport Screening® has set two ambitious goals. Firstly, the special screening of structural, biochemical and mental resilience allows us to examine top athletes and award them a certificate with the Sport Screening Seal.

The secondary purpose of Sport Screening is to determine the cause of the performance limitations as soon as possible, and to provide therapy even before an injury.

It is vital, to not only focus on one singular, obvious factor, but rather identify and eliminate all possible issues within the structure, biochemistry and mental state of an athlete in order to restore the performance of their whole body.

The Three Staples of Sport Screening®:

Schmerzen entlang des Halte- und Stützapparates können ein mögliches Leitsymptom einer kraniomandibulären Dysfunktion sein.

Structural Screening

As we know, pain along the Musculoskeletal System might be a symptom indicative of Craniomandibular Dysfunction that is why a structural screening focusing on TMD has become standard. Today, it is no secret that the Temporomandibular Joint plays a key part in the functional processes from head to toe. The scientifically proven Cervico-Trigeminal Convergence allows the dental professional a completely new level of insight, for example, via isometric measurement of maximum force during the assessment of medical connections between the masticatory and the locomotive muscles.

Mangelnde Leistungsfähigkeit und häufige Verletzungssituationen unterliegen einem komplexen Wechselwirkungsgeschehe

Biochemical Screening

Inadequate performance and frequent injuries occur as a complex interaction. In most cases, there are a number of individual components that contribute to an inner shift of balance. The Biochemical Screening diagnoses various factors that sustain the pathological processes and eliminates them.

Mental Screening - die dritte Säule des Gesundheitsdreiecks

Neuromental Screening

Neuromental Screening is the third staple of the Sport Screening health check. In sports, mental attitude is at least as important as physical health, if not the most crucial factor for success. As a wise man once said:


“You can have anything you want, if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.”
(Abraham Lincoln, 1809–1865, The 16th president of the USA)


Neuromental Screening is conducted via an anonymised survey using reference numbers. An app provides access to this evidence-based test, unauthorised access or forwarding the personal data to a third party are not possible. The results are delivered to the medical team of Sport Screening and are stored anonymously in a scientific database.

The survey and the anonymous assessment are conducted in accordance with the criteria of DSMIV by a certified specialist.

Sport Screening® - Reach The Impossible!

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