Absent performance and injury-related failures

...are among the most difficult situations for all participants in the competition.

According to studies, in the professional football field injuries to the players result in almost half of the cases from non-contact situations. This suggests that the injured top athletes have exceeded their individual performance, while another athlete will remain unaffected under the same load.

Against this background, Sport Screening® has set two ambitious goals in top sport.

Through a special screening of the structural, biochemical and mental load capacity, high-performance and professional athletes are examined and certified with the sports screening seal.

Sport screening has also made it possible to identify causes for limitations in performance as early as possible before an injury occurs and to treat them as necessary.

It is important not to identify a single tangible factor, but to identify and eliminate as far as possible all obstacles in structure, biochemistry and mental attitudes in order to restore the performance of the overall organism of the athlete.

The three pillars of Sport Screening:

Schmerzen entlang des Halte- und Stützapparates können ein mögliches Leitsymptom einer kraniomandibulären Dysfunktion sein.

Structural Screening

Since pain along the holding and supporting apparatus can be a possible guiding symptom of a craniomandibular dysfunction, structural screening with a focus on CMD has now become a matter of course. Even among amateurs, it is now an open secret that the jawbone plays a decisive role for the functional procedures from head to toe. The scientifically proven cervico-trigeminal convergence, for example, by the isometric maximum force measurement, gives the dentist a whole new value in the evaluation of medical interactions between chewing and holding apparatus.

Mangelnde Leistungsfähigkeit und häufige Verletzungssituationen unterliegen einem komplexen Wechselwirkungsgeschehe

Biochemical Screening

Lack of performance and frequent injuries are subject to a complex interaction. In most cases, many individual components contribute to an internal shift in the equilibrium. It is important to diagnose the various factors that are involved in the maintenance of a pathological process and to eliminate it.

Mental Screening - die dritte Säule des Gesundheitsdreiecks

Mental Screening

Mental screening rounds off the health triangle as a third pillar. The mental attitude is just as important in sport as physical health, if not the most important success factor. Because ……

'Whoever has no goal in life is running.'
(Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865, 16th President of the USA)
The Mental Screening consists of an anonymous questionnaire, which has a reference no. Respectively. Access to the evidence-based test is via an app. Access by third parties is excluded. Your data will also be passed on to unauthorized persons. Exceptions are the forwarding to the doctor / therapist of sports screening and the transfer of the anonymized data into a scientific database. Questionnaire and the anonymous evaluation are done 1: 1 according to the criteria of the DSMIV by a certified specialist.

Sport Screening® - Fit for Success