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Sport Screening® Fitness

Sport Screening® Fitness supports and develops the physical performance of athletes. It is all about strength, stamina, speed, agility and coordination – the core abilities for sustaining top condition. Psychological and social factors contribute to physical well-being as well. Last but not least, a great athlete requires a personalised diet, because there is no such thing as A HEALTHY ONE-FITS-ALL DIET.

Increasing your fitness means much more than just resistance training for your muscles: Sport Screening® Fitness starts with the current condition of an athlete and suggests an individually tailored programme that combines all of the aforementioned elements in a meaningful way. This is how the Sport Screening® Fitness identifies healthy goals and harmonises numerous recourses to optimise performance.

Sport Screening® Reha

Sport Screening® Reha is our interdisciplinary rehab programme.

Our team consists of top professionals from various medical disciplines.

We help you regain your physical and mental capabilities after a sickness, an accident, or a surgery with the newest updates from the field of evidence-based medicine.

In order to achieve the best results our therapists and health managers closely cooperate with various external medical professionals.

Our mission is to develop effective rehabilitation procedures which will help you – even with repeated or lasting illnesses – to restore and maintain your performance and functionality for a longer duration.

Your success requires us to not only design an individually tailored rehab programme, but also to guide you through the plethora of available therapies and empower you in helping yourself.

Sport Screening® Reha is an interdisciplinary rehab programme which offers all the modern features for your sustainable healing.

Sport Screening® Reha - the future of sports rehabilitation.

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